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It is impossible to imagine modern life without cars. For many, they remain a means of transportation that saves time and allows you to carry out your plans effectively. With the introduction of modern engineering and technological advances in the automotive industry, cars have become an ordinary tool available to almost everyone.

With this state of affairs, it seems that cars have become an inconspicuous part of our life. Sometimes, it seems that they are purely utilitarian things, like a toothbrush. We use them every day, indifferently noticing differences in design and color. But, in general, they are all the same.

Your heart will not flinch while you are driving in heavy city traffic. You don't even pay attention to other cars. Until you see a sports car overtaking you, and here the children's delight and thrill from the incredible beauty and power of the masterpiece of engineering thought will return.

Why is auto insurance more expensive for sports car drivers?

And if it is you who are driving a sports miracle, you can only be envied. After all, you are the owner of a unique piece of a car. Their incredible power, hidden in a cramped engine compartment, crazy speed capabilities created for racing tracks, and luxurious mini-malism of the interior - all this only emphasizes the exclusivity and uniqueness of these specific cars. You can only be envied. Until the time comes to figure out how much it costs to be a proud owner of a sports car.

And here you don't have to envy. If the prices for this class's cars are not a secret, then the cost of an insurance policy for such vehicles is sometimes a secret even for the owners.

Prices for sports car insurance are more expensive, and there are several objective reasons for this. For example, they are extremely tempting targets for hijackers. The cost of such cars, even the price of their parts on the market and the often primitive, by today's standards, anti-theft security devices make them very attractive to criminals.

The uniqueness of parts and engineering units creates a lot of problems in the repair of such cars. The list of auto repair workshops capable of repairing such types of transport is limited. The same goes for spare parts, which are difficult to find and even more difficult to find at an affordable price. As we mentioned, many sports cars date back to an era when power and speed were more important than safety.

Besides, such cars were created for speed, and this is terrifying for insurance companies. Therefore, they view the owners of such machines as risky customers.

How you can find a cheap sports car auto insurance. Discounts on auto insurance for your sports car.

Your financial ability to buy an expensive sports car is not a reason to buy the first offered insurance policy. Spending money wisely is not only a useful skill but also a real game with a tangible prize.

You need to understand that insurance companies will not work at a loss, and they are the ones who dictate the rules of the game. Therefore, knowing these rules will help you balance the requirements of the insurer and your preferences.

First, if you are going to buy a sports car, study providers' rates for different models. Of course, a fast and powerful car is, in any case, risky for the company, but some models scare them much more.

Improve your core metrics. Installing additional safety devices, a good credit rating, additional driving courses, a decrease in the number of miles driven - all this can increase your rating in the provider's eyes and, as a result, reduce the cost of the policy.

Manipulation with your insurance case can also become a significant argument in negotiations. Few companies will refuse to get a profitable customer, and they are willing to offer loyal rates to combine your policies. Also, you can get a discount if you pay the entire fee in one payment. And given that you own a luxury sports car, this is hardly a big problem.

And be a responsible driver - that's within your power.

How much is insurance for a sports car?

The listed ways to reduce the cost of your insurance policy are the key to a great deal. Because the question is very urgent, it is impossible to get a uniform cost of the policy on sports car insurance, as is possible with ordinary insurance. In your case, dozens of factors will be of great importance.

But, we can announce the approximate rates for insurance. So for the cheapest and most widespread brands of sports cars, the following rates are relevant:

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray $149 $1,764
Fiat 124 Spider $131 $1,572
BMW Z4 Roadster $123 $1,476
Subaru BRZ $110 $1,320
Mazda MX-5 $96 $1,152

And the more expensive and older the car, the higher the insurance rate. Also, the prices quoted are valid for drivers with an ideal driving record.

Sports car auto insurance by age. What cars are the most expensive to insure?

The driver's age is one of the main factors for increasing the price of the policy. Correlation works in quite a logical way here. Young drivers with a sports car are considered high-risk drivers. If a driver of 18 years old is driving such a car, the insurance rises in price by thousands of dollars.

On average, for drivers under 25, liability insurance will cost up to $ 3,000, and full coverage - $ 12,000.

We have already given examples of budget sports cars from an insurance point of view. It is quite logical to continue this list with the most expensive sports cars to insure. And here everything is simple - the smaller and more powerful the car, the more cylinders in the engine and the more valuable the car, the more expensive it will cost to secure it. Mercedes, Lexus, BMW, and sports solutions will cost you a lot.

But the dream is worth paying for, especially if you are investing in your safety.

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