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06 Jul, 2023


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The value of things is usually not determined by prices, not carats, and certificates. Value is determined by ourselves and our hearts. Many things are unique only for us and keep sentimental memories and little secrets. A piece of a love note, an old book you read with your mom as a kid, the first baseball your dad threw to you in your backyard. No one but us needs such items. Nobody will give a couple of dollars for them. But we are ready to give all the gold in the world so that they are always on our shelves.

This is what makes us who we are. This is what makes us human. And we must remember this, especially when we spend our money on luxury stuff. Beautiful and expensive things can make us happy and bring joy to us and those around us unless we become their captives and slaves.

And the best we can do is look at all luxury items soberly and realistically. If you are the owner of a luxury car, you will very clearly form your asset's value and value.

Luxury car insurance

When you buy a luxury car, you are not buying a car. Your purchase is much more complex and multifunctional than it might seem at first glance. Depending on the class and type of purchase, you will receive a most valuable item, which will underline your taste and status by the very fact of its existence. It is quite natural that such a car's external attributes also affect the insurance program, which you will need.

When calculating the policy's cost, the completeness of luxury cars will play in your favor, including special means that reduce the likelihood of theft and increase safety. Everything else, including the high price of materials and spare parts, the complexity and high cost of repairs, and other specifics of expensive cars, will steadily increase the cost of your policy.

Driving an expensive and fast vehicle, standard insurance will not be enough for you, even if it is non-standard. Many advise having an extended policy that provides collision and comprehensive insurance.

Gap insurance is a great tool. In the event of an insurance accident, the insurance company pays you the car's actual cost. Nobody will remember that the car is on lease at this moment. But having gap insurance, you will solve this problem.

It is also worth remembering that luxury includes all the car elements, and it is worth checking to see if some of the special features specific to your car will be covered.

And, last but not least, a significant remark. Consider buying an uninsured motorist property damage policy. This additional coverage will reimburse you for lack of coverage for another road traffic accident participant if their policy is too weak to cover all losses. And if such a driver does not have insurance, then your policy will become just a lifeline. Let's be honest, having a luxury car, you always run the risk of losing a lot more, and excess security will not become a senseless waste of money for you.

Cheapest luxury cars to insure

You can always save money. Buying luxurious and expensive items is no exception. Moreover, this is your sacred duty, since you have decided to spend most people's annual salary on cars. And in this case, if you do not have any particular preferences in the models. You can afford to choose what you need, and the choice can be economical. Now we will talk about the cheapest luxury cars to insure.

Moreover, remember that we are not talking about cheap cars, but about cheaper cars to insure. There can be a million reasons for the policy's cheapness, given the complexity and specificity of the algorithms used to calculate the cost of the policy. But, for sure, the cars' quality below does not definitely affect these calculations, since they are not in vain related to the luxury cars segment.

The difference in insurance between a regular sedan and a sedan of the more expensive segment is usually 18% of the annual payment. We have collected the most advantageous offers for the most profitable cars for insurance and will tell you about the range of policy prices for them.

Audi Q5

This luxury car is probably the most expensive on our list and will cost you nearly $ 43,000. Its price also affects the policy's cost, which will cost you from $ 1,335 to $ 2,372 an annual premium.

BMW 3 Series

The classic 3 Series of the legendary Bavarian car brand will not only show your great taste and love for controlled sports power but also ease your bank account by $ 40,750 for the car itself and in the amount of $ 1,500 to $ 2,571 for the policy.


It's a BMW, it's a high-end SUV, and it costs a reasonable $ 41,000. This is a bargain for this class's car, and with insurance from $ 1215 to $ 2163, it seems even more profitable.


An older version of the previous model, which costs more, has a difference in the cost of an insurance policy from $ 1,484 to $ 2,753.

Infiniti Q50

Despite the low cost of this Japanese car in its segment, it has a prohibitive insurance rate. A car with a price of 36 thousand dollars will have a policy worth from 1366 dollars to 2468 dollars. And this can be a fundamental factor in the purchase.

Lexus ES

Not cheap ($ 40,000) to buy and to insure ($ 1293-2369 a year), this sedan is certainly worth it as it looks sporty and dynamic at the same time.

Lexus RX

Compared to the same Japanese brand sedan, we again see an unexpected trend in which SUV insurance is cheaper than a smaller and lighter car. Just compare the prices above with the RX prices, which will range from $ 1,222 to $ 2,239.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

This is Mercedes-Benz, this is a car - more than just a brand, and its price does not consist only of a monetary equivalent. Buying such a car, you also buy the opportunity to be a part of its glorious history. But insurance is insurance, and it will cost from 1473 to 2671 dollars.

Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class

It is an expensive, prestigious and luxurious car and is expensive, at around $ 70,000. And insurance for this car will also cost a lot - from $ 1,596 to $ 2,982.

As you can see, what we call the cheapest luxury cars conditionally to ensure is a group of expensive, high-quality, luxury, and reliable cars. As you can see, the difference in the range of prices for these cars' insurance is huge. And this means that even on expensive things, you can and should save.

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