Do red cars cost more to insure?

06 Jul, 2023


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Every industry has its own myths and biases. We accidentally recognize some of them from conversations with friends, on TV, or from the network. Other myths - we are told by friends from the respective spheres, sharing secrets. Third myths are invented by popular culture, and after a while, they are so tightly included in our life that it is already impossible to understand where the thin line between truth and fiction is erased.

Each of us has probably heard one of such controversial statements that “red cars cost more to insure.” If we have any complaints about the legendary MythBusters program, they did not test this myth. But today, we will answer the question that Jamie and Adam never asked.

Do red cars cost more to insure?

It is not clear who and when came up with this myth. One thing is for sure - it's not true. Yes, we will not support the intrigue and immediately say that you should not believe it. Red cars do not cost more for insurance.

It is believed that there is a widespread belief in society that red is the color of racing cars, and it subconsciously provokes drivers to speed up and drive dangerous. The second version says that the bright color stands out strongly against the background of gray city landscapes and attracts the police's eyes. In any case, this is not true, so give yourself a vivid impression of the bright color of the car.

When color does matter

If the color of the car does affect anything, it is safe.

So, according to the results of research by scientists, the number of accidents of cars of an inconspicuous color is slightly higher, especially in conditions of poor visibility. This makes sense, especially if you don’t bother to follow the rules and turn on your headlights in bad weather conditions.

Also, the cost of insurance and how much you save directly depend on how you prepare. After all, the correct study of the issue and searching for a partner is the key to a smart deal.

The red color of the car will also not be an additional factor for theft. They steal a car not because they have a particular color but because they are expensive and poorly equipped with anti-thief devices.

Factors that do affect your premiums

But what influences the price of insurance are objective factors.

Your driving record, your driving history, and sometimes your credit history. Age and experience and the miles traveled during the year will also be reflected in the price of your policy. The equipment and conditions for storing your car can lower insurance costs if you convince the provider that you have reduced the potential risks. So if you are a high-risk driver with a bad background, don't look for an excuse in the color of your car; it's all about you.

On the other hand, many people believe in the "red car" myth, so if you want to look badass, feel free to buy a bright red car.

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